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Welcome to the 2013 Go Green Campus Challenge!

The Go Green Campus Challenge is an environmental design competition sponsored by the Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office. The purpose of this competition is to showcase student creativity and innovation in creating sustainable solutions for campus infrastructure.

We're posing the question of “What would you do with $50,000 to increase environmental sustainability on campus through creative design?” Proposals can range anywhere from landscape design to the incorporation of sustainable energy sources to improvements to existing buildings and beyond.

The sky's the limit for proposals with the main condition being that it is design oriented. So while other sustainability initiatives such as education campaigns and policy amendments can greatly improve the sustainability on campus, this contest is reserved for projects that have a built component to them.

Rules and other details:

Registration deadline for teams is Friday, February 8th. Teams can be made up of 2 to 4 people and contestants must be full or part-time Dalhousie students.

The second phase of the project will be the creation of a model or poster outlining your idea along with a final proposal of up to 2,000 words in length. The due date for submission is Friday March 8th. Both the poster and the proposal will be assessed using the following criteria listed below:

Feasibility: This category looks at the practical and economical feasibility of your proposal. This means that included in your proposal and final presentation you must demonstrate that your project will fit within the $50,000 budget. This means that your proposal must include construction, material and maintenance costs associated with your idea.

In terms of practical feasibility, we ask you to consider whether or not your project will be possible within an urban and campus setting. For example if you wanted to put windmills on campus, that would be impossible under current HRM bylaws. Therefore your project must consider local bylaws and campus regulations.

Visual Impact: This category is concerned with the overall aesthetics of your project. As well as being visually pleasing in and of itself your project should agree with the architectural themes on campus and further enhance the aesthetics of its direct environment.

Creativity: This assessment category looks at the originality of thought associated with your design. Your proposal should demonstrate creative solutions to real problems of sustainability faced on Dalhousie’s campus. The proposal should address the realistic constraints and challenges involved in the implementation of the project, and provide innovative solutions.

Sustainable Impact: This assessment category looks at the degree to which your project will further the sustainability of campus as a whole. Your proposal should highlight the direct sustainable impact of the project, such as energy efficiency or waste reduction. Your assessment should also demonstrate how this project will raise awareness about sustainability among the student population now and into the future.


Our 2012 Go Green Campus Challenger Winner was... Matthew Kennedy's Adaptive Plant Wall! Congratulations Matthew!

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