Meet the Organizers (2013-14)

Office Staff

    Internal Director – Evelien VanderKloet

    External Director – Erik Fraser


Board of Directors

DSUSO has a Board of Directors from various environmental and social backgrounds elected at the Spring General Meeting. The board meets biweekly to make decisions on financial matters, office structure, and other relevant issues through consensus-based decision-making. A full list of responsibilities is outlined in the DSUSO constitution.

2014/2015 Board of Directors:

  • Christopher Andrews
  • Annie Hinton

    Interests: International Development, environmental justice, agriculture and development

    Fun Fact!: I just ran my first half marathon

  • Brogan Carruthers

    Interests: Looking for environmental solutions ‘outside the box’

    Fun Fact!:Danced at the broadway dance studio in NYC…once.

  • Andrea Pavez
  • Adrean Ojoleck
  • Aaron Beale
  • Heather More
  • Mac Fleming
  • Rylie Arnell
  • Sabrina Hiefer
  • Sasha Barnard